• CARBONI SRL of Carboni Pietro, Livio & co
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  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 12:30 / 13.30 - 17:30

The company was born from the will of the family and from the tradition bound to the territory. We have been producing fabrics from 1963, following trends and keeping innovating sources, machines and knowledge.

We look at the Made in Italy, not just as a brand, but as a real working philosophy, putting effort, taste and passion in all we produce.

The family is entirely involved in the company and very often the borders between the two things fade away, creating an atmosphere where all the ideas are heard and exploited.

We provide our Know How in developing, also on specific requests, collections as for upholstery and interior fabrics, as for fashion clothing, supported by an high productive and creative flexibility.



  • FLEXIBILITY:   We have dobby and jacquard looms. We can also count on two warping machines and one of these is completely automatic. That allows us the be very flexible on timing and, most important, on quantities.
  • RANGE:   We provide a wide range of products in order to satisfy all the needs.
  • SPEED:   We produce everything on order and we think that timing is important as quality is. We ship every order in four weeks from the confirmation.
  • FOLLOWING THE CUSTOMER:  A lot of customers come to us to develop specific projects of multiple nature and purpose, and we follow them from the yarn to the production.
  • QUALITY:   Quality is our mission. All we produce is accurately studied from the design to the realization.
  • RESEARCH:  In a dynamic market and in a continuous inflection, stands out just who shows off in the best way. We devolve a big part of our sources in the R&D and we keep investing in innovations.
  • FAMILY:   We are proud to bring on a tradition. Working in an environment where trust and reliance stay at the base of everything, reflects his influence also on the product. Without this, it’s impossible to set such a dynamic and flexible working situation. Family is the key point to sustain all the other strengths.
  • CLEAN ENERGY:   Good quality and good service, these days, must be supported by an high social and ethical conscience. We try to weight on the environment as less as we can, producing enough clean energy with solar panels.